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We are consistently eager for success and going forward as team together.

Striving to build the best company that matters

Nexa Corp is a young, innovative and dynamic company specialized in spreading internet media content through mobile games and applications around the world. We are consistently eager for success and going foward with employee together. In this Nexa family, everyone matters!

Nexa's core values

We compete on the global stage and expect only the best.
We never give up. We face obstacles no matter how difficult they could be.
We are alive through challenge and a positive attitude. Move fast, stay focus.

Meet nexa's teams

Creative & Design
Creative & Design brings the most popular and selling ideas based on market trends.
Product Development
Product brings resources together to transform ideas to reality.
Data Analysis
We turn hard data into useful insights and compelling business proposal to guide on-the-ground operations and develop effective solutions for teams.
Publishing ensures products are distributed on time and reaches every corner of the world.
Technology, Research & Development
Technology, Research & Development brings the newest tools and technology to the company, and puts ourselves at the forefront of innovation.

We love our peopleWe work, we play, we eat. Together.

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I have incredible experience here at nexa, not just working, but learning and growing. Nexa is an agile and dynamic company where you can get hands-on experience in open and collaborative environment. People I work with here are more than just co-workers, they're friends poised to do even bigger things.

- Sisely Song, Administrator


Why you should join nexa

Paid Leave
All legal leaves including annual leave, marriage leave and so on, are offered, in addition to National Holidays. There is also birthday leave for everyone!
Working Environment
Convenient location in city center, outstanding office, and sweet staff lounge bring you a comfortable and multiculture working environment. We are just your right choice!
Staff Activity
We have an awesome social calendar that includes various seasonal and annual events, including regular tea parties, team-building activities and many more!
We provide competitive salary, year-end bonus, social insurance, housing found and also allowance for transportation, meal, communication.

Contact us

Taikoo Li Pinnacle One
40th Floor, 199 Dongda Street
Jinjiang District,
Chengdu, China

86 028 66285097
[email protected]

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